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Whether a beginner or an expert, everyone has a different idea of their ideal plant world. A lonesome cactus or a plant jungle? A perfectly trimmed lawn or a wildflower meadow? Vibrant floral abundance or your own fruit and vegetable patches? Our products are as unique as the different preferences and requirements of hobby gardeners.

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Potting soil

Potting soil forms the foundation for all growth. In 1956, we were the first company to bring it onto the market in consumer-friendly packaging. And substrates are still one of our most important ranges even today. Potting soil is like a living room for the plant. It supports the roots and ensures that the plant stands firm. It also stores water and nutrients and allows enough air to reach the roots. Universal or special soil – we know the needs of our plants very well and develop substrates that are perfectly tailored to their specific requirements.

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The ideal lawn is thick and deep green in colour. Turning this dream into a reality takes some effort, but lawns can stay beautiful in the long run with a little care and high-quality products. Seeds form the foundation for healthy grass. To ensure that lawns withstand the stresses of everyday gardening, they need to be regularly supplied with nutrients. This is the only way for them to retain their deep green colour and remain resistant to diseases.

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As different as plants may be, they have one thing in common, they need light, heat, air, water and, most importantly, nutrients to develop optimally. They can only form large green leaves, colourful petals and juicy fruits if they get enough nitrogen, phosphate, potassium and magnesium. Since every plant has different needs, the ingredients of our liquid and solid fertilisers are tailored to their individual requirements.

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Plant protection

Fungus, insect infestation, snails, weeds – there are a variety of diseases and pests with the potential to damage plant health. Exhaustive authorisation procedures and rigorous checks carried out by the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety guarantee uniform standards for the performance of plant protection products, as well as for the protection of humans, animals and nature. We have a broad range of plant protection products, some with herbal ingredients, that work quickly and effectively.

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Although they are useful and play an important role in nature, pests have no business in houses and flats. Ants, silverfishes, woodlice, mice – our diverse products can be used to effectively and safely usher uninvited guests out of your four walls.


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