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Corporate governance

COMPO takes responsibility for its employees, partners and customers – and reinforces this with its strong corporate governance. Responsible corporate governance forms the pillars of long-term success at COMPO. Clear principles, internal guidelines and responsible business relations are always in keeping with the corporate values of quality, reliabil-ity, responsibility, innovation and joy of life, thus creating the framework for honest and responsible co-operation and action.

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As CEO, Stephan Engster has been responsible for the strategic orientation and management of the COMPO Group since 2016. He previously worked in leading positions at various companies from the sectors of industry and consulting.

Anton Staals

Anton Staals is CFO at COMPO since 2023. Anton Staals brings long-standing executive and management experience in international companies to COMPO. Lastly, he was self-employed for many years in the field of interim management.