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Hobby gardeners find everything they need to care for their plants in the COMPO range. As some crops have very specific requirements, COMPO offers integral concepts and solutions that provide for the individ-ual needs and offer the hobby gardener ideal guidance and assistance in all matters relating to plant care – from the actual products to the digital guides.

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Lawn care systems

Anyone who desires a luscious and deep green lawn that gets a lot of use and is resistant to weeds or pests at the same time should devote their attention and time to it all year round. Ranging from the soil and seed to the fertiliser and the moss and weed control agent, COMPO's lawn care system gives hobby gardeners a broad range of products that are directed at individual needs. The specially tailored product concepts are supplemented by accompanying digital guide solutions, such as the special lawn newsletter, the free annual care schedule or the digital lawn calendar.

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Raised bed system

Interest in home-grown fruit and vegetables has continued unabated for years, especially from one's own raised bed. Since raised beds have quite particular requirements as regards how they should be filled, COMPO offers two special raised bed concepts at once, which will ensure a bountiful harvest for hobby gardeners. Four COMPO layers are used for the classic raised bed. For gardening in very tight spaces, there is also the mini raised bed concept, which is designed for the application of only two layers. To enjoy the raised bed for a long time, and to be able to enjoy the harvest, COMPO complements the system with corresponding special products.

Hobby gardeners can get assistance in filling and caring for a raised bed properly via supplementary offerings, such as the free raised bed calculator, YouTube tutorials or articles offering guidance.

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Greenery concept

The houseplant trend has continued unabated for years. Anyone who is familiar with their urban jungle knows that houseplants only get their nutrients through support. Therefore, COMPO is a one-stop shop for the green living room – from foundation across fertiliser through to leaf care. The special green plant product range is rounded off by articles offering guidance and YouTube tutorials.

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Mediterranean plants

Mediterranean plants create holiday flair at home on the patio, on the balcony or in the garden. As they have quite special needs, COMPO offers enthusiasts of the Mediterranean world an all-round package so that Mediterranean plants can grow healthy and strong in any environment. Hobby gardeners can also get tips and advice on the special care requirements via guides or YouTube tutorials in this case, too. 

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Rose concept

The rose is considered the diva among the garden plants. Sophisticated, sensitive and especially high-maintenance. To allow every hobby gardener to derive lasting pleasure from this ornamental plant, COMPO has developed special products that focus on the particular needs of roses, allowing novice gardeners to experience a sense of accomplishment.