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COMPO is a leading supplier of branded products for plants in the home and garden on the German and interna-tional markets. Consumers can find everything plants need for healthy growth in our range – from potting soil and fertilisers to lawn seed and products for pest control and plant protection, with a focus on organic products. It all began back in 1956 with the launch of the first potting soil in consumer-friendly packaging – the birth of our well-known and to date multi-award-winning brand COMPO SANA®. Day in, day out, more than 800 employees from at least 25 sites are now working on the development of a diverse range of sustainable quality products and solutions that help everyone to unlock the true potential of their plants, regardless of whether they have green fingers or no gardening experience at all. The aim is to enhance the life of every single person with more greenery, and, in the process, strengthen everyday life in harmony with nature and the environment. Duke Street – an investor operating successfully in Europe for more than 25 years – has owned COMPO since 2021.

At a glance

Year founded 

Stephan Engster (CEO), Anton Staals (CFO)

Head office
Approx 800 
Duke Street 
Product range
The versatile product range with a focus on organic products comprises soil and compost, fertiliser and plant care, lawn care, plant protection and pest control

More than 25, including Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Poland, Spain and Switzerland

Market leadership
Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland

COMPO. Simply beautiful plants.

Whether with two left hands or a green thumb - getting more green quality of life together.