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COMPO presents first sustainability declaration in accordance with the DNK

Münster (September 2023): COMPO publishes its first sustainability declaration for all German sites. With the declaration in accordance with the standard of the German Sustainability Code (DNK), another important milestone in the company-wide ESG programme has been reached. It comprehensively and transparently shows the principles of ecological, social and societal business activities and developments in the course of responsible and sustainable corporate management and underlines the aspiration of green leadership. Sustainable and responsible solutions have been firmly rooted at COMPO for many years. Long before sustainability became a topic that was present in society as a whole, COMPO launched its first organic products on the market This was quickly followed by the launch and consistent expansion of the full range of organic products, also at the European level. "COMPO transferred its commitment to sustainability and all related activities into an overarching sustainability strategy at an early stage on the basis of a comprehensive, company-wide process," reports Stephan Engster, CEO of COMPO. As a further consistent step, the first DNK declaration, which is based on the performance indicators of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), is now being published. "Just like the quality of products and complementary services, COMPO also has the highest standards for its company-wide sustainability commitment. To guarantee connectivity, transparency and comparability, COMPO's sustainability strategy is based on the transparency standard of the DNK," explains Stephan Engster. With its own publication platform, the DNK also ensures a high level of visibility and comparability of the company-wide sustainability standards. "We create maximum transparency for our trading partners and customers," says Stephan Engster. The overriding framework for action in COMPO's DNK declaration is provided by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Within the framework of a materiality analysis, COMPO has identified the SDGs that are important to it and has set ambitious targets for the coming years. For example, COMPO is consistently switching to more organic products, reducing transport routes through regional sourcing and at the same time driving forward the decarbonisation of its own sites. “Through resource-conserving production and a sustainable product range, we enable consumers to live responsibly and are continuously expanding our responsibility as the industry’s “green leader””, Stephan Engster adds a further strategic goal. In doing so, the leading supplier of branded products for plants in the home and garden in Europe sets out how sustainability is anchored in the corporate culture. COMPO's Code of Conduct establishes responsible action and sustainable management as central demands for COMPO at all levels along the entire value chain - from regional raw materials that originate from the circular economy wherever possible, a elaborated decentralisation strategy and a packaging concept that has won many awards, to a broad product range and supplementary services for retailers and consumers. "From the decentralisation strategy for potting soils, which reduces transport emissions by more than 60 per cent, the öko balance assortment, which is 100 per cent in line with the principles of the circular economy, to the switch to green electricity at all German sites, with which the electricity purchased has been CO2 -neutral since 2023, COMPO has already achieved many important milestones to date, with which we are continuously reducing our ecological footprint and steadily growing our positive handprint," Stephan Engster is pleased to say. "In this way, we are also helping our trading partners to reduce their CO2 emissions." With the aim of reducing CO2 emissions as far as possible in the medium and long term, COMPO carried out a complete and comprehensive corporate carbon footprint (CCF) calculation of all international COMPO production sites in accordance with the internationally recognised Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG) as part of the sustainability strategy process. Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions as well as selected Scope 3 categories, which were defined at the beginning according to the principle of materiality, were taken into account. Only complete transparency about the status quo of the company creates the prerequisites for subsequently identifying the main drivers of CO2 emissions. In addition, the responsibilities and structures for the consistent pursuit of the issue of sustainability within COMPO have been reorganised. A cross-functional and cross-company core team covers all business areas and fields relevant to the sustainability strategy. "The establishment of the ESG House of Competence is an important step towards doing justice to the strategic importance of sustainability at COMPO and jointly implementing ambitious short-term and long-term goals," emphasises Peter Bali, Head of Corporate Development. It accompanies and coordinates the sustainability activities in the individual business units. "We are convinced: Green Leadership, as we live it as a company, is always the manifestation of shared responsibility - for our customers, our employees and nature. It is also reflected positively in the company's key figures," Anton Staals, CFO of COMPO, sums it up. COMPO's DNK declaration is available for download here:

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PreZero Polymers and COMPO receive the 'Plastic Packaging Product Award 2023'

COMPO's packaging made from recycled materials has set industry standards for years and has already won several prestigious sustainability awards. The packaging solutions are not the conventional reusable items we are all familiar with, such as those seen in the drinks industry. Rather, they belong to a packaging concept focusing on complete recyclability and the highest possible proportion of recycled content. Together with PreZero Polymers, COMPO achieved the final breakthrough in the optimisation of liquid fertiliser bottles. This resulted in the recognition of both companies in the 'Plastic Packaging Product' category at the international 'Plastics Recycling Awards 2023'. The Plastics Recycling Awards Europe are presented annually in Amsterdam. Award winners exemplify progress in the circular use of recycled materials, product design and innovative manufacturing. PreZero Polymers and COMPO were recognised with the award in the 'Plastic Packaging Product' category for the joint development of COMPO's liquid fertiliser bottles. "We have worked consistently on finding solutions to increase the use of post-consumer recyclates in liquid fertiliser bottles to 100 per cent," reports Michael Düsener, Head of Purchase at COMPO. The optimised liquid fertiliser bottles will be replacing COMPOs current packaging in the future. "Together with PreZero as a strong partner, we have succeeded in finding a solution that reconciles the highest environmental standards with customer benefits and manageability," explains COMPO's CEO Stephan Engster. Consistent development of the packaging concept is a key element of the company-wide sustainability strategy. "Combined with our focus on using local organic raw materials, which are sourced from the circular economy wherever possible, and the consistent shortening of supply routes, this contributes to significantly reducing CO2 emissions and closing cycles," says Engster.

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