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Responsible partnerships

Responsible action is a matter of course for COMPO across the entire value chain. The latter already includes COMPO's self-imposed duty of care to review compliance with exacting sustainability standards in the requirements for business relationships. Responsible procurement within the scope of the long-term sustainable procurement strategy aims to support efforts to make a positive contribution to nature and the environment in the same way as a value-orientated partnership with retailers or co-operation partners does.

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"The continuous improvement of our sustainable supply chains within the scope of our long-term procurement strategy contributes to an improved ecosystem."

Michael Düsener, Head of Purchase

Business relations and supplier code of conduct

The internal value system also provides the binding framework to which COMPO is committed in the course of business relationships. Key principles of behaviour are governed by the compliance system, which also applies in particular to business relationships. In the context of responsible business relationships, COMPO only enters into those that are in line with the fundamental values of integrity, fairness and respect, compliance with regulations and the law, employment, occupational health and safety, production safety and quality, and environmental protection.

One central concern of COMPO is making its own sustainability standards and practices transparent for customers and suppliers. COMPO uses the holistic CSR assessment by globally recognised rating agency EcoVadis, where it has achieved silver status. EcoVadis evaluates COMPO in four sustainability areas: Environment, Labour and Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement.


The targeted co-operation with different partners across the entire value chain makes it possible to bundle and integrate expertise and technical know-how, develop innovative and sustainable products and solutions, and make the latter available internationally to a broad target group.


Co-operation with Reterra/Remondis

The development of products comprising raw materials sourced from the circular economy is being worked on in co-operation with Reterra/Remondis. COMPO is thus focusing on the pending statutory requirements from the EU taxonomy and setting itself the highest standards for promoting the ability to innovate more actively.


Co-operation with the municipal administration in Vienna

A significant milestone in the decentralised production already succeeded in Austria many years ago. It was agreed with the municipal administration in Vienna that COMPO would take charge of any green waste that accumulated during the maintenance of green areas so as to use this valuable renewable raw material in its own products. To this end, COMPO has developed its own soil production plant in which pure and RAL quality-assured green-waste compost is processed on site in Vienna.


Störk co-operation with urban municipality

A significant milestone in the decentralised production succeeded at Störk GmbH in Nauen. The green waste from private households in Nauen and the surrounding municipalities is gathered, then delivered to COMPO and used in the production of soils and soil protection products on site at COMPO. The co-operation has existed for years and is being continually expanded.