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Labels and pictograms

Labels and pictograms on COMPO's packaging and communication tools indicate the special qualities and features of the COMPO products.

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The COMPO footprint introduced on all COMPO SANA® soils in Germany and Austria in 2022 indicates a noticeably reduced carbon footprint. Behind the sustainable COMPO SANA® promise are four central features:

  • Use of sustainable raw materials: All COMPO SANA® soils consist of more than 50% sustainable raw materials.
  • Regionality: Characteristic are short transport routes based on local production sites.
  • Sustainable packaging: The packaging consists of more than 60% recycled plastic based on post-consumer plastic waste.
  • RPP-certified: All peat-reduced soils contain peat produced in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner.
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COMPO Aqua Depot

All soils in the balcony and container plant segment that bear this sign possess optimised water storage properties. Aqua Depot® is a natural, wood-based water reservoir that stores some of the irrigation water and supplies the plants with it as required. This results in the soil staying moist for longer and needing to be watered less often. 


Help Save Water

All COMPO soil protection products in Germany and Austria bearing this sign make a major contribution to protecting resources. They protect against evaporation, regulate the moisture and heat balance, and counteract dehydration. This means that they contribute to lower water consumption.