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Notable product innovations

COMPO laid the foundation for its success story with the innovation of the first potting soil in consumer-friendly packaging. Since time immemorial, COMPO has continually broken new ground and never tires of finding innovations and giving new answers. Expertise, decades of experience and courage are its constant companions for consolidating the market leadership in Europe and not stagnating:

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COMPO BIO GRANUPLANT Drainage- und Pflanzgranulat

In 2023, COMPO is launching the "COMPO BIO GRANUPLANT® Drainage- und Pflanzgranulat", an outstanding drainage layer and the sustainable alternative to expanded clay. With 96% less CO2 emissions than conventional expanded clay, this innovative organic solution is especially environmentally friendly. In addition, the new product has many uses. Other uses are as a growing medium for semi-cultures and hydroponics, as well as for mixing through the substrate. As a soil cover and decoration in planters, it also prevents plants from drying out.

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COMPO BIO Blaudünger

Countless end users trust the well-known benefits of the traditional product Blaukorn® and spread it in the garden or on the balcony year after year. The COMPO BIO Blaudünger sees COMPO translate the positive and accustomed attributes of a classic into organic quality. Naturally strong in performance, the new COMPO BIO fertiliser rich in nitrogen possesses constituents with an especially high nutrient content. This high-quality organic multi-purpose fertiliser thus rapidly and reliably supplies fruit, vegetables and garden plants with all the main nutrients, ensuring healthy plant growth and a bountiful harvest.

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Single Dose

With COMPO's successful 'Single Dose' concept, the focus is on hassle-free and sustainable plant protection. The handy, pre-portioned bottles for one-off use are adapted to standard spray mixture quantities, so that tedious measuring and calculating is dispensed with, just as are problems in disposing of residual active substances.   

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COMPO organic & recycled

Thanks to upcycling, virtually any old object can now be given a second life and a new function. With COMPO organic & recycled [organic & recyclé; öko balance], COMPO took up this trend in 2020 and as a first now offers an integrated environmentally friendly plant care concept. Both the ingredients and packaging of the products, which are offered virtually throughout Europe, consist of recycled raw materials. The Münster-based company is thus the first company in the industry to consistently implement the idea of the resource-saving product lifecycle.

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Raised bed system

Interest in home-grown fruit and vegetables has continued unabated for years. And raised beds, in particular, are right on trend. From wood chips to vegetable and raised bed mulch, COMPO offers organic products for every layer of a raised bed, as well as completely natural and vegan fertilisers adjusted to the requirements of raised bed crops. COMPO successfully develops another product innovation as part of this concept in 2023 in the shape of the COMPO BIO raised bed activator. Consisting of completely natural ingredients, the product activates the soil life in the raised bed, improves the soil's structure and promotes aeration of the raised bed layers with only one application, thus creating the perfect conditions for a bountiful harvest. Raised beds that have not yielded a harvest for quite some time can also be re-activated with the raised bed activator. In addition to cutting costs, this also and more importantly makes an important contribution to sustainable gardening.

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COMPO SANA Qualitäts-Blumenerde ca. 50% weniger Gewicht

COMPO succeeded in coming up with another innovation in 2014 in the shape of 'the light' potting soil. Weighing about 50% less than the classic soil, it is not the weight alone that makes such a good impression. The packaging's compact shape, sturdy carrying handle and resealable opening assist further in taking the weight off gardeners' shoulders in the truest sense of the word.

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Peat-free potting soils

Since 2010, COMPO has been the first company in the industry to include peat-free potting soils in its range under the COMPO BIO brand and continues to expand this line as part of the peat-reduction strategy. Accordingly, the company is the first in the industry to simultaneously offer peat-reduced and peat-free soils.

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COMPO SANA Qualitäts-Blumenerden

The company brings the first substrate in consumer-friendly packaging onto the market in 1956 in the shape of COMPO SANA® potting soil 'with the original Dutch formula'.