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  3. Commitment to quality

Commitment to quality

The ambitious sustainability standards, from raw materials to logistics, is always in line with COMPO's commitment to quality. Only in this way can consumers be offered the most sustainable and simultaneously the simplest solutions – products of impressive quality that work reliably and are easy and safe to use.

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"Our sustainable commitment to quality is also an enormous value driver – not only for the product, the employees and the company, but especially for the entire industry."

Stephan Engster, CEO

Research and product development

COMPO's own demand for the highest quality in products, solutions and services begins with the very first step. To ensure that COMPO's quality promise prevails, the team of experts at the company's research centre in Münster is already asking itself the essential question of how products can be designed to be as effective and user friendly as possible.

Raw material and procurement

COMPO's quality promise also means that the products are optimised to meet the needs of different crops. To ensure this, they are composed of a variety of different high-quality raw materials and subject to continuous quality controls, which are carried out both in advance by the suppliers and finally by our in-house quality management team.

Production and regionalisation

The quality promise must also be guaranteed in COMPO's production process. COMPO's regional location concept makes an important contribution to both reducing emissions and controlling quality.

Supply chain and sales processes

Maximum production and delivery quality are two of COMPO's key requirements for all business relationships – as set out in the Code of Conduct. This ensures that the reliable availability of goods is guaranteed in accordance with the highest quality standards.


The high packaging sustainability standards are always harmonised with user friendliness. All packaging is tested thoroughly before use.

Innovative Services

The quality promise extends far beyond all products. The comprehensive range of services for retail partners and consumers must also always meet the standards we have set ourselves. Moreover, teams of experts and partners work continuously on optimising digital and employee advice services in this area.