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Commitment to quality

The ambitious sustainability standards, from raw materials to logistics, is always in line with COMPO's commitment to quality. Only in this way can consumers be offered the most sustainable and simultaneously the simplest solutions – products of impressive quality that work reliably and are easy and safe to use.

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"Our sustainable commitment to quality is also an enormous value driver – not only for the product, the employees and the company, but especially for the entire industry."

Stephan Engster, CEO

Raw material and production requirements

Selecting the right raw materials is the basis for the success of COMPO's products. They comprise various base substances specific to plants. The focus here is on high-quality and renewable raw materials sourced regionally and preferably from the circular economy. For example, for the potting soil it is quality-assured green-waste compost, bark humus and wood fibre processed exclusively at regional production sites.

Sustainable innovations

Every development begins with stimuli. Taking a precise look at customer requirements, analysing consumer feedback or international consumer trends are drivers for innovation and development. The aim is to stay as close to the customer as possible during the entire innovation and development process. Consistent investment in unique raw materials and innovative technologies pave the way for continual growth. To this day, the entire industry covers only a part of what is possible. COMPO has the technical understanding and technical options to scale innovative solutions and make them available across the board – and to do so in the highest quality and at marketable prices.

Quality standards

COMPO's commitment to quality applies to both the international product range and to company-wide solutions and services. At the same time, compliance with quality standards is a particular concern of COMPO's. For that reason, the company regularly undergoes quality checks so as to be able to demonstrate compliance with the high standards through official certifications.

Innovative Services

COMPO understands its commitment to quality across the entire value chain and therefore, year after year, develops innovative services that benefit end users and partners alike. Through the broad range of services, COMPO once more highlights its quality standards and offers extra added value to the broad product portfolio.



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