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COMPO as an employer

COMPO not only impresses with products and services indoors and outdoors, in the garden or on the balcony – but also in its capacity as an attractive employer in the office, in the laboratory or in production. And it does so at over 25 sites throughout Europe. In that respect, COMPO's values also take highest priority in regard to COM-PO's working environment: quality, reliability, responsibility, innovation and joie de vivre. At COMPO, employees are personally and individually supported and challenged in equal measure. In other words, just as the company provides support for each employee, the employee is also committed to his or her topics, projects and the company itself. After all, only through everybody's commitment and jointly is it possible to achieve what COMPO has defined as its mission: to sustainably enrich the life of each person through more greenery and strengthen his or her unity with nature and the environment. COMPO's vision embodies precisely what connects all the employees and motivates them on a daily basis and in their dealings with one another.


"A successful career at COMPO is also possible without having green fingers. It is the passion for the environment and green surroundings that connects all the employees."  

Gudula Frieler, Head of Human Resources

Education and studies

There are also various options for starting a career at COMPO, so as to jointly grow together with COMPO from the very beginning. In that regard, depending upon the site, COMPO offers training in up to six professions. During the course of study, it is possible to gather hands-on professional experience at COMPO within the scope of dedicated student programmes. The trainees and students are important team members right from the outset, gradually being given more and more responsibility. Students are additionally assigned to an individual career coach. A personal mentor supports the student with his or her expertise, and answers pertinent questions.

COMPO offers a range of special benefits depending on the location.



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