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In addition to the product range and the extensive concepts, COMPO also offers a broad spectrum of services for both end users and retailers:

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"Dein Fleckchen Grün" – COMPO's garden podcast

When does the lawn have to be fertilised, how is a raised bed created, and what plants create Mediterranean holiday flair? Once a month, COMPO addresses both the big and the little questions on the topic of gardening in a podcast episode lasting about 30 minutes. Initially broadcast in German, COMPO's podcast is directed at hobby gardeners and anyone looking to become one, taking listeners on a journey through the green world of gardening with simple and practical expert knowledge for their own little patch of green.

COMPO WhatsApp Chat

COMPOs WhatsApp Service

COMPO's WhatsApp Service offers rapid and reliable plant diagnoses and answers to all matters on the topic of gardening. This digital advisory service is initially being offered in Germany and Austria.

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COMPO Newsletter

With COMPO, you can always stay informed. COMPO uses various different newsletter formats to keep its target groups up to date. From the general newsletter to the 'Lawn Special' newsletter and the newsletter for retail outlets, interested hobby gardeners and retailers are informed about news on the topic of gardening. Depending upon the country, there are various different versions that are orientated towards the specific requirements.

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COMPO Training Academy

Interactive and informative – that is true of COMPO's training academies, which combine a wide range of expert webinars and seminars on important garden topics. Whether it's continuing education and preparing for exams for a certificate of competence in plant protection or COMPO's new product training sessions, the broad, country-specific spectrum of interactive training events for decision makers and retailers alike bring everyone up to speed.

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COMPO retailer platforms

In the country-specific COMPO retailer platforms, retail partners are offered all the latest news and advertising material about products, product master data for online shops and everything relating to plant protection. Besides many helpful downloads, all the main facts about the broad range of training offered are also combined here.