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Research & development

In 1956, we were the first company to bring potting soil in consumer-friendly packaging onto the market. We have been pioneering with many of our ideas in recent decades and have proven time and again that there is always room to enhance the quality of even premium products. To this day, innovation resulting from a mixture of new products, services and manufacturing processes is still an important part of our company's culture. It is for this reason that research and development are enormously important to us.

Internal research team drives innovation

At our company's research centre at the Münster location, our team made up of horticultural engineers, biologists, chemists and agricultural scientists explores ways in which we can make our products even more effective, safe, environmentally friendly and easy to use. Besides searching for new raw materials, the experts devise new formulations and consistently enhance our product formulas. Our Research and Development department is also responsible for testing performance and plant tolerance. We can immediately test the effect of our soils, fertilisers and plant protection products on our company trial plots outdoors and in the greenhouse and adapt formulas accordingly.

COMPO leads the way when it comes to plant protection product authorisations

Successfully handling authorisation procedures also plays an important role and all products are rigorously tested internally and externally before they enter the market. Extremely stringent statutory requirements exist for plant protection products, in particular. When it comes to the number of new product authorisations in this sector, COMPO is an industry leader. The sheer volume of our registered patents speaks for itself.


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