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Best Brands Award "Overall"

COMPO among the ten strongest product brands in Germany

COMPO is one of the ten strongest product brands in Germany. The Münster-based company came 6th in the ‘Best Overall Brand’ category at the prestigious Best Brands Marketing Awards.

“We are proud of the fact that our continuing work on the product range, on eye-catching brand communication and on the distribution strategy over the past few years is now bearing fruit in this context, too,” says CEO Stephan Engster.

The trending topics of home, garden and lawn have become hugely important in society over the past few years and the entire industry has moved them forward positively. “This award shows that together with a strong team and through working with our partners collaboratively and in the spirit of trust, we have been able to firmly establish our brands in the mind of the consumer.”

Alongside economic success, the award also assesses people's perception, emotions and brand loyalty. Engster is in no doubt: “We were able to build upon that further with our unequivocal product guarantee, packaging made of recycled material, sustainable organic products and the öko balance (COMPO organic & recycled) line.”



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