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Sustainable pest control

Relaunch of COMPO’s organic insecticides

  • Packaging relaunch of COMPO bio-insecticides for the 2021 season
  • Natural ingredients form communicative basis
  • Modern design is primarily appealing for a younger target group

Münster. In order to better serve the growing demand for effective pesticides of natural origin, COMPO has relaunched its biological insecticides for this year’s gardening season. The portfolio includes the products Nativert®, PREV-AM®, insect-free neem and pest-free plus.

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The herbal active ingredients such as rapeseed and orange oil, neem or natural pyrethrum form the communicative focus. At the same time, the areas of application, target crops and pests on the packaging are moving more clearly into focus. Thus, it helps both diy stores and garden centers as well as consumers to get a fast overview on how and where to use the products.

The revised packaging design is primarily intended to appeal to a younger, environmentally conscious target group. It combines essential elements of the well-known COMPO BIO sub-brand with new accents. Doing so, COMPO creates a modern look and at the same time creates recognition value for existing customers. For more authenticity and a more natural look, illustrations in a delicate watercolor look are now used on the labels instead of color-intensive cut-out images. In addition, new pictograms bring all product advantages to the point.


This is solely a product information but not a substitute for observing instructions for use. Use pesticides carefully. Before use read the label and product information. Please note all warning notices and symbols in the instructions for use.