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Winner in the Garden category

'COMPO BIO Blaudünger' fertiliser is Product of the Year for 2022/2023

It's a COMPO classic: 'COMPO Blaukorn®' garden fertiliser has been winning over consumers with its outstanding impact, simple application and multi-purpose applicability for more than 70 years. A new approach is needed in 2023! With its 'BIO Blaudünger' fertiliser, COMPO takes the positive, accustomed attributes of this traditional product and translates them into an innovative, organic version. This new product has not just won over retail partners and hobby gardeners but also the expert jury at the 'Product of the Year' award, given out by BaumarktManager. They named 'COMPO BIO Blaudünger' fertiliser their winner in the Garden category.

This is already the 23rd time that BaumarktManager has announced its 'Product of the Year', with this award by the renowned trade magazine being well-regarded across the entire DIY sector. As in previous years, the jury consisted of five industry experts who, once again, focused on sustainability, as this criterion plays a key role in consumers' decisions to buy a product.

"Responsible and sustainable solutions are firmly rooted at COMPO. We offer our customers high-quality organic products in every single area. We're proud that our ongoing work on our range has been honoured with an award that also focuses on sustainability and innovation," says Stephan Engster, CEO of COMPO.

Countless end users value and trust the well-known benefits of the traditional product Blaukorn® and spread it in the garden or on the balcony year after year. "Within the framework of its holistic sustainability strategy, this is why COMPO set itself the goal of translating this classic product into an organic solution, while, at the same time, upholding COMPO's promise of quality," explains Engster.

This high-quality organic multi-purpose fertiliser provides fruit, vegetables and garden plants with all the important nutrients, quickly and reliably. And it's even simpler and more straightforward to use than the traditional, original version. Besides this, the fertiliser's colour – which gives it its name – plays a key role: the fertiliser grains are clearly visible on the soil, making it easier to use the right amount.

As with all other products, COMPO thinks about the environment not just in terms of what's inside its new 'BIO Blaudünger' fertiliser, but also what's outside it. And with a share of 80 per cent recycled plastic, its packaging is also more environmentally friendly. Plus, the attention-grabbing design of this packaging is targeted to appeal to the fast-growing target audience of younger consumers.