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Brand campaign focuses on responsibility for nature & society

COMPO presents its new international brand campaign at the start of the gardening season. At the center of the communication offensive: a spot that shows in emotional images what nature has in store for us over generations. COMPO's core message "Better the best. For nature. For you. For everyone." picks up on the individual and collective responsibility towards nature. COMPO's message is an invitation and obligation for everyone to act in a holistic way for the environment and society and to give something back to nature.

From sowing the seeds to enjoying the harvest together, the spot and campaign assets celebrate the joy of gardening that connects generations in nature: They show the young boy sowing and harvesting together with his grandma, who is amazed by the diversity in nature; the young couple enjoying the garden together as a resting place; and the whole family coming together with friends for a garden party. "Time to say thank you. And give something back. That's why we choose the best. For nature. For you. For everyone." is the message that accompanies these pictures.

"The campaign is the consistent further development of our brand communication," explains Stephan Engster, CEO of COMPO. "If you look at early COMPO campaigns, the focus was primarily on individual product benefits. In 2018, the "Where have all the flowers gone" campaign by Jung von Matt takes COMPOs brand communication to an emotional level. Now it's time to go one step further." With "Better the best", COMPO is addressing overall social responsibility in brand communication for the first time. COMPO is committed to acting with the highest quality in a holistic sense," says Stephan Engster, adding "The best means the best possible result for the environment and users with the least possible impact and effort." Developing sustainable quality products and solutions that are geared towards the specific needs of hobby gardeners and their plants has always been part of our DNA. "We focus on one thing in particular: nature. To strengthen it, protect it and give something back to it," says Stephan Engster. This makes the brand campaign much more than just a creative idea, "It reflects our social vision and responsibility".

"The new brand campaign and its memorable message consistently combine tradition and the promise of quality with the company-wide sustainability strategy," explains Stephan Engster. Responsible action and sustainable management are key requirements for COMPO at all levels. The fact that COMPO takes its self-imposed obligation seriously is already demonstrated by a various number of measures such as the DNK declaration or the signing of the commitment letter of the Science Based Targets Initiative. At the same time, numerous prestigious international awards confirm the sustainability of the brand and the trust of the market.

With its memorable message, COMPO invites end consumers to make this claim their own. "Each and every one of us can give something back to nature and help it," says Stephan Engster. This is becoming more important than ever, especially in the face of economically challenging times and climate change. Economically challenging times require priorities. "Products have to work. Costly experiments are not allowed. This is where the COMPO brand fulfills a clear lighthouse function that goes far beyond classic branding," explains Stephan Engster. At the same time, sustainable gardening - especially in extreme weather conditions such as drought or heat - is an essential topic in the gardening world today and in the future. "Nature needs help, help to help itself, so to say," says Stephan Engster. "In the coming season, we will provide this in the form of new organic products, concepts and services. But we are also focusing on existing products that have long since met today's requirements in order to provide hobby gardeners with the best possible support for sustainable gardening".

The new brand campaign will be rolled out immediately for the umbrella brand and successively for individual product categories and services and will accompany hobby gardeners in all relevant European markets throughout the gardening season. The campaign, which was developed and produced in-house, will be shown digitally, in selected print media, outdoor advertising, TV and at the POS.