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Your favorite place on earth

COMPO campaign shows that gardening in harmony with nature is pure joy of life

Whether they are in your garden, on your balcony, on your patio or on your windowsill – plants can turn every home into a place of tranquillity and a personal oasis of well-being. COMPO is continuing its successful 'Your favorite place on earth' campaign, once again putting gardens centre stage as a place that people long to be. This 360-degree campaign targets end consumers directly and shows how our own green oasis can serve as a valuable counterpart to day-to-day life, while also providing opportunities to unleash our creativity. 'Your favorite place on earth' is launching now and can be seen in various formats on all the relevant channels, both online and offline.

"Our mission is to offer a varied range of high-quality products and solutions that let people live a green, natural and sustainable life day-to-day," says Stephan Engster, CEO of COMPO. With 'Your favorite place on earth', the company is deliberately starting by getting people enthused and piquing their interest in gardening.

This year's campaign builds on the recognition of 'Your favorite place on earth ' among end consumers and retailers that has been developed over the last few years. "'Your favorite place on earth' serves as a beacon and we want this to continue. That's why we're deliberately keeping our focus on quality of life as our guiding topic and the overarching communications message," explains Engster. The same goes for the direct targeting of end consumers, creating the association that the images they see could be their patch of earth, too.

The images of fresh soil and lush green lawns illustrate that gardening in harmony with nature and the environment is pure joy of life. They pique the viewer's curiosity and desire to turn their own patch of earth into a place of calmness and fulfilment, as well. COMPO serves as a much-loved partner for anyone enthusiastic about gardening, whether with new daily gardening ideas, care tips or guides, including on social media or its website. The right products help people unleash the true potential of their plants, even if they are all thumbs rather than someone with green fingers.

The campaign revolves around COMPO's extensive range of low- and peat free potting soils, as well as its sustainable lawn care and lawn seed products. "Generally, growing numbers of amateur gardeners are looking for the optimum care for their plants, while also caring for nature and the environment. We support this with a corresponding product range," says Engster, the company's CEO. Offers popular among retailers and end consumers, such as COMPO's gold rush1, which celebrates its fifth birthday this year, or the new lawn giveaway offer2, provide the product groups in question an additional motivation to buy at the POS. Digital advertising measures supporting the campaigns boost the brand's visibility online and target online-savvy consumers.

The same goes for COMPO's extensive range of digital services, which the company is expanding all the time. Its WhatsApp service and lawn calendar are the most recent additions. The WhatsApp service offers retailers and amateur gardeners rapid and reliable plant diagnoses and answers to all questions on the topic of gardening. The free lawn calendar now gives subscribers reminders for the most important dates when it comes to their lawn – sent straight to their mobile. "The positive feedback from retailers attests to the value of our strategy of designing holistic solutions," explains Engster. "The goal is to support our retail partners and end consumers as reliable experts on garden-related topics – we are there to assist them on every channel and at all times, whether with the right product, swift help or inspiration."

As in previous years, the cross-media campaign was once more developed in-house. "Knowledge about the needs and desires of the various target groups lays the perfect groundwork for targeting our end consumers with posters and advertisements," says Engster. Tailored to specific target groups, these are broadcast as print and online advertising, via social media, OOH and at the POS and accompany amateur gardeners throughout the entire gardening season.

[1] One 'gold bar' made from wood is hidden in each of 30 COMPO SANA®, COMPO BIO and öko balance potting compost packs. The lucky finder swaps this for a real gold bar worth EUR 1,000, which is presented with strong media coverage in the outlet.

[2] During the offer period from 1 March 2023 to 15 June 2023, end consumers purchasing at least one bag of 'COMPO Rasen-Langzeitdünger' slow-release lawn fertiliser (15 kg or 20 kg) or 'COMPO BIO Rasendünger' organic lawn fertiliser (20 kg) will receive a free dispenser worth EUR 13.99 for 'COMPO SAAT® Nachsaat-Rasen' lawn reseeding product. Customers simply need to upload the receipt to the COMPO website and the attractive giveaway will be sent right to their door.