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Relaunch of COMPO SANA® potting soil

We are giving our classic a new look! Thanks to improved formulas, the new COMPO SANA® quality potting soil now provides plants with all primary and micronutrients for up to 12 weeks. It has been proven to help plants grow stronger and healthier. Perlite aeration particles made of natural volcanic rock also still give the substrate a light and airy structure, thus facilitating optimum water absorption and storage. COMPO's root activator, a soil additive which supports a balanced distribution of nutrients and accelerates growth, is another tried and tested product.


And the new COMPO SANA® now looks even better, too. Creating an emotional, unique brand identity, the revised packaging layout is based on the new and modern corporate design. The 'Responsibly Produced Peat' foundation's recent certification of all substrates is a further milestone. This European organisation has established a transparent certification system for responsible peat harvesting. It includes strict criteria concerning site selection, peat harvesting and later use of land.