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COMPO SANA® once more named 'Brand of the Century'

When COMPO SANA® was launched as the first potting soil in consumer-friendly packaging in 1956 no one could have imagined that it would still be the best-known brand in this range* 66 years later. COMPO's classic product not only won over plant and garden owners, but once more also the jury of ZEIT publishing house subsidiary TEMPUS CORPORATE, which named COMPO SANA® 'Brand of the Century 2022'.

Dr Florian Langenscheidt publishes the 'German Standards. Brands of the Century' compendium every three years, presenting the most highly rated German brands from various product categories in the process. The selection is based on a two-stage evaluation procedure that uses a points-based system to assess key factors that are critical to the success of a brand. These factors include the brand's age, international character and linguistic recognition.

Market leader COMPO is delighted to receive the award for COMPO SANA®, which took centre stage in the potting soil category. "COMPO has excellent products and a world-class brand. Our uncompromising demand for high quality and our consumer-centric approach are confirmed by the fact that COMPO SANA® potting soil is still one of the strongest brands in Germany," says COMPO's CEO Stephan Engster.

In keeping with the company's growth strategy in the area of organic products, COMPO SANA® potting soils are now even more sustainable. More than 50 per cent of our peaty soils, which have been certified in accordance with the RPP's stringent requirements for years, will consist of sustainable raw materials from this year. The recently launched COMPO wood fibre and the quality-assured green waste compost are processed exclusively at regional production sites in Germany. Thanks to the packaging's modern look, consumers can quickly choose the right potting soil. And with a share of 60 per cent recycled plastic, it is also more environmentally friendly. The recently added COMPO FOOTPRINT on all packaging points to the reduction of the CO2 footprint.

Stephan Engster adds: "The COMPO FOOTPRINT is just one of the many measures our company is taking to minimise its ecological footprint and reinforce activities to protect the environment." And COMPO can also count on the strategic support of Duke Street, which has been operating successfully in Europe for more than 25 years and also attributes particular importance to recycling and resource protection.

* Representative survey of plant/garden owners, Markendienst, June 2018.


Image: Oliver Trappmann (Regional Director Central Europe) and CEO Stephan Engster are delighted to receive another award for COMPO's classic product.