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Picture credit: taspoawards.de / photographer Andreas Schwarz andreasschwarz.net

Winner at the TASPO Awards

COMPO BIO GRANUPLANT® voted best product idea B2C

For the 17th time, companies and personalities from the garden industry have been honoured with the TASPO Awards. COMPO convinced the jury of experts and received the award for COMPO BIO GRANUPLANT® in the category "Best Product Idea B2C". Peter Bali, Head of Business Development and Samir Hammouda, Product Manager Substrates / International Product Marketing of COMPO received the award from presenter Laura Wontorra at a festive gala in Berlin.

"We are very pleased that the jury was particularly convinced by the sustainability of the product," says Stephan Engster, CEO of COMPO. "With high innovative strength, a responsible value creation process and a unique logistics concept, COMPO has been developing sustainable products and solutions for years. We are proud that our permanent work on the product range has been recognized with such a prestigious award."

The sustainable drainage and planting granulate GRANUPLANT® is 100 percent natural, unlike conventional expanded clay, whose energy-intensive production process is neither mediated nor justifiable due to its large carbon footprint. COMPO's regional alternative saves 96 percent of the emissions compared to conventional expanded clay.

At the same time, the natural pumice granulate offers the ideal drainage layer for flower boxes, planters and the like. It serves as a water reservoir and channels the water upwards to the roots as needed. The plants are effectively protected from waterlogging and root rot. COMPO BIO GRANUPLANT® is compatible with all soils and fertilisers and is also suitable for hydroponics.

Due to the growing demand for granules for indoor plants, COMPO BIO GRANUPLANT® will be expanded to include an indoor line from 2024. With COMPO BIO GRANUPLANT® INDOOR Pflanzgranulat and COMPO BIO GRANUPLANT® Pflanzendünger, COMPO is responding to demand - and on the basis of 100 percent natural ingredients.

Picture: Peter Bali (l.) and Samir Hammouda (r.) from COMPO with Martina Mensing-Meckelburg and Laura Wontorra

Picture credit: taspoawards.de / photographer Andreas Schwarz andreasschwarz.net


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