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acts effectively on suckling insect

'Nativert® Blattlaus-frei'

Rapeseed is one of the most important commercial crop plants. Many industries would be inconceivable without the oil extracted from the seeds. It is used as cooking oil, a lubricant and a raw material in soap manufacturing, among other things. Many people don't know that rapeseed oil also provides reliable protection against pests. That's why we use the renewable raw material as an active substance in our new product 'Nativert® Blattlaus-frei' for controlling aphids. The product eliminates a wide range of suckling insects, such as aphids, whiteflies, thrips and cicadas, as well as spider mites and scale insects. It acts effectively and quickly. In light of the good plant tolerance, 'Nativert® Blattlaus-frei' for controlling aphids can be used for a variety of applications, e.g. for the infestation of herbs, vegetables, fruit and ornamental plants. The product, which is suitable for organic farming, has no impact on the taste of food crops and is non-hazardous to bees.



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