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New: COMPO öko balance

New plant care using recycled raw materials and packaging

Clothing made out of PET bottles, furniture made out of driftwood, bags made out of transport tarpaulins! Thanks to upcycling, virtually any old object can now be given a second life and a new function. And COMPO is now picking up on this trend with its new öko balance range. The Münster-based company is set to offer a holistic concept for resource-efficient plant care for the first time ever from 2020 onwards.

Using resources efficiently, maximising their useful life and making use of recycled materials in production – öko balance (English: eco balance) adheres to all the principles of circular economics without exception. Both the ingredients and packaging of the three products (soil, solid fertiliser and liquid fertiliser) consist of recycled raw materials. Even the packaging of all the products has been alive once before – recycled foils, used plastics and paper are now in use for a second time on behalf of öko balance. The new range's look differs significantly from that of other COMPO products. A colour-reduced discreet packaging design was consciously chosen to keep the printing environmentally friendly, too. COMPO is thus responding to the increasing consumer demand for environmentally friendly products – ideal for everybody who values gardening in balance with nature.



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