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Sustainability: COMPO publishes responsibility pledge

Just in time for the start of the 2024 gardening season, COMPO is presenting the first responsibility report in the company's history. Under the title "Responsibility Pledge", COMPO provides insights into the company and brand and makes the holistic understanding of sustainability and the company-wide ESG program transparent and tangible on over 40 pages.

The report is aimed equally at employees, partners and end consumers. The aim is to disclose the topic in all relevant dimensions and at the same time make it tangible. "Responsible action and sustainable management are an integral part of COMPO's DNA. This is made clear in every single chapter, interview and statement in our responsibility pledge," reports Stephan Engster, CEO of COMPO. 

The report shows that COMPO's holistic understanding of sustainability includes environmental aspects as well as social issues and responsible corporate governance. It focuses on the topic of sustainability and links this with the principles of quality, transparency and partnerships. "Because we are convinced that we can only achieve what we have set ourselves as our goal through a balanced system," says Stephan Engster.

The title makes the company's commitment to sustainability clear. "Just like the quality of its products and solutions, COMPO also has the highest standards when it comes to its company-wide commitment to sustainability," explains Stephan Engster. To ensure consistency, transparency and comparability, COMPO's sustainability strategy is based on the recognized standard of the German Sustainability Code (DNK). The first DNK declaration was published in September 2023 and is available in the DNK database. Nevertheless, the company remains self-critical: "We are aware that our DNK declaration and this report - despite many years of consistent alignment - only mark the beginning of a long and challenging journey. In this and subsequent publications we will provide detailed reports in which we will make the current situation and our efforts relating to sustainability transparent," explains Stephan Engster. Accordingly, COMPO is presenting future goals, including a focus on organic and organic products, further reductions in transportation routes through regional sourcing and a CO2 reduction plan that the company has committed to.

Despite the seriousness of the topic, reading COMPO's responsibility pledge should be fun and the ESG program should be brought to life. In addition to the visual presentation of the individual chapters, this is ensured in particular by statements and interviews with management and executives who accompany COMPO's ESG program. In the interview "Reaching the goal with an experienced partner", Gudrun Engelhardt, Head of Sustainable Management at B.A.U.M. Consult, talks about the collaboration with COMPO. The renowned consultancy for sustainability projects accompanied the ESG program from the initial status quo and materiality analysis to the final roadmap. "The roadmap provides us with the necessary basis for taking responsibility for employees, partners and customers - and for a greener world," says Stephan Engster.


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Responsibility Pledge

This is COMPO's "Responsibility Pledge" to browse through. In it, COMPO provides insights into the company and brand and makes the holistic understanding of sustainability and the company-wide ESG program transparent and tangible. We hope you enjoy reading it.