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COMPO 'Pilz-frei Revus'®

New fungicide protects vegetables

COMPO 'Pilz-frei Revus'® fungicide, a product that helps with a number of fungal diseases in food crops such as fresh herbs, vegetables and potatoes, rounds off our fungicide range. The concentrate is suitable for use for leaf, potato and late blight, as well as brown rot and downy mildew. The active substance (mandipropamid) is sprayed on the plant, absorbed and propagates through the leaf, which gives the underside of the leaves optimum protection. COMPO 'Pilz-frei Revus'® fungicide is very economical. 20 millimetres of the concentrate produce around 33 litres of spray mixture, which can be used to treat up to 320 square metres. Another advantage is that the active substance cannot be washed off by rain one hour after it has dried, meaning the plants do not need to be re-sprayed after they become wet.