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New plant care brand for young hobby gardeners

Non-flowering plants are enjoying a veritable renaissance right now and self-sufficiency, too, is playing an important role for many urban nature lovers today, especially in bigger cities. But often there's a lack of knowledge – and with that comes disappointment and frustration as you watch your favourite plants slowly perish after only a couple of months. We want to use the new UNDERGREEN by COMPO brand to inspire members of the younger generation for gardening and get them into shape for caring for plants. Three needs-based ranges offer plant lovers easy-to-use organic products for non-flowering plants, cacti and food crops. The colourful design and practical liquid fertiliser containers in pharmacist bottle look need not be hidden – they look good on the windowsill, too. Many helpful tips on caring for indoor plants and growing your own vegetables at home are now available at the UNDERGREEN website.